Why are we shocked?

Why are we shocked?

I ask myself this everyday.

We live in a society where sex and drugs have been so normalized in everyday life.

We pay the singers to sing about it.

We pay the actors to act about it.

And then we show up every day to support it.

You can’t watch a movie or show without seeing drugs being used casually.

Or listen to a song without hearing women being sexualized or degraded.

We joke about it and laugh. It’s on conversations as everyday talk.

It goes on.

And yet here we are, shocked when the people live out this culture in real life.

We are shocked when there is a drug overdose.

We are shocked when there is an assault.

We are shocked when there is disrespect.

We are shocked with there is intolerance.

We are shocked when there is a sex scandal.

We are shocked.

But why?! Why are we shocked when these things happen in real life?!

We have become what we watch, listen to, read, share and post because no one is guarding their hearts or the hearts of their children.

It’s become normal in our entertainment.

To make matters worse, the moral compass has shifted so far from right and wrong that we now justify awful behavior based on who we support and who we don’t.

What’s wrong is wrong.

What’s right is right.

But we have to stop being shocked if we spend our time consumed in this type of culture.

We have to do better!

We have to guard our hearts again.

We need to be cautious about what we are taking in because we become what we consume. And we have no time to be shocked. It’s time to be proactive.

Megan Hardwick

Dear Woman, Ministries


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