Be still but not stationary

Dear Woman,

One of the hardest things I have ever done is be still and pray for protection for those who persecute me.

His Word says “Be still and know that I am God.”

Not stationary, but silent and trusting.

It’s like a river in the dead of night.

The sun has gone, life has settled and it’s dark. On the surface it’s so still it’s silent but underneath its moving, fast and swift in motion.

While I am still I know He is fighting for me, He is guarding me, He is moving me.

He has called you to be still because it’s building your character in the foundation of peace! And sometimes this may change the course and direction but for the best.

People are watching how you handle these seasons. The hard seasons when you want to defend yourself against the enemies of lies and attacks.

But one day you will be called back to the mountain, in an appointed time with appointed people to speak your truth in peace.

Until then, be still but not stationary.

Pray for you and pray for them.

Be kind, be calm, be quiet and know He is moving on your behalf.

Dear Woman, Ministries

Megan Hardwick


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