Set the Table

Dear Woman,
Set the table.
The most important thing my Dad ever said to me was “Dinners at 5” and then he asked about my day. 
I carried those words with me when I became a mother. 
This is where life happens, our life, around this kitchen table. 
We gather to share meals around this table. 
But we also talk about the dreams,
our days and even the disappointments.
We have laughed and cried.
We have fought and loved. 
We have praised and disciplined. 
We have struggled and strive.
All around this kitchen table called life. 
The problem is we have moved so far away from the table. 
What used to be the center of our family is now much smaller and more distracting. 
So much that it’s demanding. 
We scroll and follow everyone else so nobody does life around a kitchen table. 
And we wonder why we didn’t see all the things that happened. 
It’s because we didn’t look they people around our table in the eye.
We stopped doing life around the kitchen table. 
I promise, the meals don’t have to be perfect. The dishes don’t have to be fancy. You just need to set the table and be present around.
Do life around a kitchen table. 
Author, Megan Hardwick

Dear Woman, Ministries

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